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Architectural cladding from Geelong provides endless opportunities

Choosing the right architectural cladding system in Geelong district and further afield is a breeze with the experts at Denga Property Services on your team. We work with clients, builders and architects across the country, delivering a high-end, modern designer appeal for homes and businesses.

If you’re building or renovating a house, unit or commercial project, talk to us about the endless opportunities we can offer with architecturally designed cladding.

We specialise in installing cladding systems for window shrouds, feature walls, bench tops, garages, roofing, fascias and exterior and interior architectural features. Our team liaises with builders and architects to ensure high-quality installation and workmanship on all projects.

Our metal cladding materials, including Cor-Ten steel, copper, aluminium, VM Zinc and COLORBOND® steel, are folded into different profiles to suit each installation.

Metal cladding systems

Denga Property Services installs non-ferrous metal cladding systems across Geelong and the surrounding coastal areas. We can advise on the best combination of cladding system and materials to make any building stand out. Whether you want architectural façade cladding for your home exterior or a decorative interior feature wall, our cladding systems make a lasting impression.

We custom-design, construct and install architectural metal cladding systems using industry-leading materials, including:

  • VM Zinc cladding – ANTHRA-ZINC®, QUARTZ-ZINC®, PIGMENTO® AND AZENGAR® engraved zinc
  • aluminium cladding – powder-coated, perforated and anodised
  • Cor-Ten steel cladding
  • copper cladding
  • COLORBOND® metal cladding – available in 22 colours across the Classic and Contemporary ranges

Composite cladding

We also offer two unique composite cladding options – aluminium and VM Zinc composite cladding. This product consists of a non-combustible mineral-based core, surrounded by two layers of either aluminium or VM Zinc.

Each architectural cladding material is available in a variety of finishes for the ultimate modern appeal.

Contact us for more information about choosing the best material to suit any metal cladding profile – from expressed panels to flat lock cladding.