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Geelong aluminium cladding works nationwide

Modern and elegant aluminium cladding is super-durable and lightweight, giving any commercial or domestic building an instant, high-end appeal. The team at Denga Property Services works with clients, builders and architects, installing top-quality aluminium cladding across Geelong district, Victoria and interstate.

We have a wide range of powder-coated and anodised aluminium available, including composite cladding and perforated options that lend a high aesthetic value to your property.

Aluminium cladding is growing in popularity due to its alloying potential, allowing greater design and installation flexibility, as seen at our architectural façade cladding project in Highton, Geelong. Designed and constructed by the team at Denga, this project features aluminium cassette cladding panels and interlocking panels, with a golf ball impression for extra textural appeal and a thoroughly modern, designer touch.

Interior and exterior aluminium cladding

Elval aluminium cladding

The Elval aluminium range features a variety of alloys, including 1050, 3003, 3004, 3005, 3105, 5052 and 5754 – combining aluminium with manganese and magnesium for greater versatility.

Available in plain, corrugated or stucco finishes, the pre-treated aluminium is then coated using polyester, polyurethane or PVDF systems to improve colour and durability.

Colours include Satin Black, Satin Silver Grey and Pure White, making Elval aluminium cladding a popular choice for interior and exterior architectural cladding systems and roofing.

Vestis aluminium

Extremely durable Vestis aluminium cladding provides excellent weather resistance against atmospheric agents, temperature extremes and UV rays.

The Vestis One range includes three pre-painted options – Verde, Copper and Grigio, designed to mimic the natural ageing process of copper façades – as well as the super-popular Black Graphite which is fast becoming the favourite aluminium cladding choice for architects and builders.

Vestis has also released the Nebula range, featuring a subtly textured surface, available in Nebula Luna, Nebula Midnight and Nebula Storm.

Falzonal aluminium cladding

Denga Property Services also provides Falzonal aluminium cladding in Brushed Gun Metal, Dolomite Grey, Oxide Brown, Pure White, Silver 102 and Volcano Stone.

Aluminium composite cladding

As well as anodised, powder-coated and perforated aluminium installation, we also offer aluminium composite cladding in Geelong and the surrounding areas. Please contact us for more information or a quote.