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Geelong copper cladding & façades have national appeal

Copper cladding is renowned for its colourful vitality and natural weathering, adding a unique touch to each project. At Denga Property Services, we specialise in installing copper cladding panels for stunning façades and one-of-a-kind architectural features in Geelong and across Victoria and interstate as well.

If you want to add a pop of colour and texture – copper cladding panels are the perfect answer. Our team recommends the top-quality TECU® Classic sheet and coil for domestic and commercial copper façades.

Your TECU® Classic copper cladding starts out a vibrant red when first installed, slowly darkening to a matt brown with exposure to weathering and oxidation. The rate at which copper cladding panels darken is unique to each installation, adding a touch of personality and colour – ranging from deep reds to purples.

When exposed to moisture and other airborne substances, copper façades will develop the famous, eye-catching green patina. This ensures your façade is both protected from further weathering and stands out as a design feature.

Copper cladding uses

Malleable copper cladding panels are a popular choice for residential and commercial projects alike.

As well as copper cladding and façades, the team at Denga Property Services can custom-design and install architectural features – including this folded copper clad benchtop for Geelong’s Bottles and Barrels wine bar.

If you want a unique, textured and coloured metal cladding system in Geelong, our team also designs and installs Cor-Ten steel and VM Zinc cladding.