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Geelong Cor-Ten steel cladding adds "wow" factor

If you want to add a designer edge to your home or commercial property with Cor-Ten steel cladding, call Geelong’s experts at Denga Property Services. We love the striking colours, durability and design options Cor-Ten cladding offers and work closely with clients, architects and builders to give your building a real wow factor.

What is Cor-Ten steel?

Cor-Ten steel is a group of steel alloys, specially formulated for advanced weather resistance properties. Under exposure to weathering, Cor-Ten steel has an in-built defence – forming a protective patina layer.

As well as being highly corrosion-resistant, this protection adds a high-end aesthetic appeal. Starting out a red-brown colour and deepening over time, the patina creates a visually striking interior or exterior feature.

Cor-Ten steel cladding is one of our most popular metal cladding systems, and it’s not hard to see why. Whether you want to create a jaw-dropping architectural facade, or update your garage doors or window shrouds as a unique building feature, our experienced team can help.

How is Cor-Ten cladding used?

With its protective patina, Cor-Ten cladding is perfect for any environment and especially popular in coastal areas. At Denga Property Services, we have extensive experienced working with well-known local builders and architects, installing Cor-Ten cladding for a wide range of projects, including:

  • Cor-Ten steel cladding for a garage at Thirteenth Beach Golf Links Estate, just outside Geelong
  • cassette cladding panels in New South Wales’ Blue Mountains region
  • laser-cut Cor-Ten steel cladding for interior and exterior feature walls
  • interlocking panels for architecturally designed homes.

Cor-Ten is easily adaptable and widely used in nailstrip cladding and other architectural metal cladding projects.