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VM Zinc cladding from Geelong adorns the nation

Super-versatile VM Zinc cladding is popping up all over Geelong and across Australia – and it’s not hard to see why. Top-quality VM Zinc is not only malleable and environmentally friendly, but offers a smorgasbord of design options for builders and architects.

Natural zinc forms a protective patina when exposed to weather. The specialists at VM Zinc have designed and developed a unique surface treatment technique using a chemical reaction to alter the structure and surface of zinc so it develops its own genuine, long-lasting protective patina.

As well as increasing resistance to atmospheric oxidation, this surface treatment boosts anti-corrosion properties, producing durable and visually striking VM Zinc cladding products.

Denga Property Services designs and installs natural, engraved and pre-weathered VM Zinc cladding in Geelong and the surrounding areas. Zinc is a malleable and flexible material that adapts to suit a range of needs, including curved, convex, concave and straight design features.

Popular with commercial and industrial architects, zinc cladding is ideal for roofing, fascias, windows and feature walls, as well bridges and other architecturally designed features.

Types of VM Zinc cladding available in Geelong

At Denga Property Services, we love working with VM Zinc cladding. Non-toxic and recyclable, it’s available in a variety of profiles, including interlocking panels, standing seam, flatlock panel systems and VM Zinc composite cladding.

ANTHRA-ZINC® is natural zinc, chemically treated for a matt black finish. This metal cladding is particularly popular with builders and architects, lending a contemporary, high-end appeal to homes and businesses.

QUARTZ-ZINC® is treated for a long-lasting, stronger surface, making it ideal for renovations. Featuring natural-looking grey tones, this cladding suits commercial building and construction projects.

The PIGMENTO® zinc range features the same texture as other pre-weathered zinc, with added mineral pigments to produce a range of vibrant, coloured zinc. Colours available include ash blue, autumn green, brown and lichen red.

AZENGAR® engraved zinc is engineered with an uneven, textured surface and light matt finish, offering wider possibilities for architectural cladding innovation.

Please contact us to find out more about our range of zinc cladding products. We also specialise in designing and installing Cor-Ten steel and aluminium cladding in Geelong and district.