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Geelong interlocking cladding & expressed panels have national appeal

So-named for their flat, recessed interlocking joint system, European-style interlocking panels add a sleek, elegant touch to any commercial, industrial or residential structure. Interlocking, or sometimes called expressed panels are popular throughout Geelong and other metropolitan locations as a contemporary interior and exterior facade cladding option – and the team at Denga Property Services are your local experts.

We work with architects, builders and our clients to custom-design and install contemporary interlocking cladding systems.

Benefits of expressed panels

Expressed panels can be installed horizontally, vertically and diagonally, making interlocking cladding a super-versatile option for architects and builders. This type of cladding offers a vast range of application choices, allowing greater flexibility and individual flair.

Clients can choose the width of the expressed panel, as well as the width of the interlocking joint to create a unique visual aesthetic. Standard panel widths include 190mm, 290mm and 490mm options, with smaller or larger custom variations available on request.

Interlocking cladding allows clients to achieve a classic, uniform look – or alter the interlocking panel lengths and widths and stagger joints for a thoroughly modern, designer appeal.

Tapered or splayed panels add a point of difference, and combined with customised panel and joint widths, provide a truly unique architectural façade cladding.

With a simple tongue-and-groove installation, interlocking panels are a low-maintenance metal cladding system, providing a natural air gap that allows your home or commercial building to breathe.

Expressed panels are available in a wide range of metals, including Cor-Ten steel, perforated aluminium and VM Zinc composite cladding.