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Geelong perforated screens & metal panels are cutting edge

At Denga Property Services, we provide perforated screens and metal panels for residential, commercial and industrial clients in Geelong, throughout Victoria and nationwide. We use the highest-quality metal cladding systems to give any façade or feature a cutting-edge, high-end appeal.

Perforated screens are available in sheets or interlocking panels to breathe life into architectural façades, interior screens, walkways, balconies, sunscreens and feature walls.

We provide a wide variety to standard patterns, as well as fully customised perforated panels, where we can alter the hole size and shape to create a unique designer aesthetic.

Our team works with VM Zinc cladding, aluminium, copper, Cor-Ten steel cladding and COLORBOND®, custom-designing perforated metal panels to meet specific project design and budget requirements.

We also offer top-quality treatments and finishes – such as this perforated aluminium panels installation at Geelong Grammar School, featuring anodised aluminium.